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Zekrom and Reshiram flew silently through the air in the night.  Dragonspiral Tower was quite a way, and It would take at least two hours to get there.  Fatigue hit me like a brick.  I hadn't slept in days, and now it was catching up to me, finally.  I began to nod off into sleep before I felt myself slipping off.  I shook off my sleep.  N looked at me with concerned eyes, flying beside me as close as he could.  

"White, are you alright," he asked, worried.  I nodded and woke myself up with new vigor.  

"I'm fine, and wouldn't matter anyways," I said, feeling Reshiram speed up a little.  He looked at me, truly concerned.
"White, you're about to fall asleep," he noticed, "What did fa… Ghetsis do that made you so determined?"  I looked at him, to find two deep emeralds boring into my eyes, the same eyes that could make me tell him anything.  'I wish he wouldn't do that,' I thought, huffing in his direction.  I told him everything; about the invasion of Nuvema, about the Shadow Triad, about my mother, about Bianca, about Cheren, and about the riddle from the Oplucid City jail (this especially caught his attention).  

"I see," he replied.  Zekrom made a soft groaning noise, and N shook his head, obviously talking to it.  'What a gift he has,' I thought.  They continued their silent conversation for a while, before N turned to me.  "White, I think I know what he has planned," N replied, "and it's not good.  His only goal isn't just to stop us, but to take over the world, which I'm sure you know.  But he can't have us in his way, so he is hitting two birds with one stone.  You see, when I was a boy, Father gave me many books about legends from other lands, so that I would…"  N stopped for a moment, "Well, never mind that.  The point is he's after a legendary.  A powerful one, so as he cannot be stopped."

I stared at him dumbfounded.  He was after a legendary?  But which one?  There were so many in the world.  Whatever it was, we had to stop him.  "How long, do you think, before he finds it?"  N shrugged.

"Could be days, could be hours.  Either way we have limited time," he replied.  Zekrom's turbine tail began to glow.  He was about to speed up.  I looked at N who saw why Zekrom went faster.  I glanced behind to see three shadow-like masses flying towards us at top speed.  I patted Reshiram's neck.

"Faster, try to lose them," I told him, pointing behind me.  He made a small grunt and began to fly faster, and not only that, he did all kinds of tricks that made me dizzy.  I looked behind, they were still coming at us at a steady pace.  I looked at N.  "We can't lose them," I screamed.  Adrenaline hit, and I ordered Reshiram to turn around, facing the triad.  N looked at me like I was crazy.  "We're going to have to fight."  

"White, you can't," N said, coming next to me.  He wasn't making me feel any better.  I was already scared, but there was nothing else to do.  I couldn't let them hurt anyone else.  The shadow triad stopped in front of me.  

"Oh, yes I can," I replied, flying at the triad.  This took them by surprise, causing them to disparate into thin air.  I groaned in annoyance, looking around for them again.  Unfortunately, I was too late.  They hit Reshiram from behind, making him roar as they nearly sent him to the ground.  He flew up just in time.  Going head on wasn't working.  At this rate, we were going to be killed.  I turned Reshiram around, facing the Shadow in front of me.  I had to use a wide range attack to get rid of these guys, or else they would dodge everything we threw at them.  I was going to have to get innovative.  I looked around in my bag as Reshiram flew around dodging attacks (not as easy as you would think), and found the pink canister of mace.  It wouldn't do much, but…

I followed the black shadows as far as I could, N flying beside me, watching my back.  If only I could get close enough…  Reshiram gained speed, now struggling to get closer to the Triad.  We finally got closer to them, I was almost to the first one's face.  I held up my hand, and sprayed.  He screamed in pain for a moment… that was, before he grabbed me.  I felt my arms begin to burn as their hands enveloped my arms with shadow fire.  I felt myself being held in thin air.  

"WHITE,"  I heard N exclaim.  He attacked the shadows at full force.  Like me, however, he couldn't get a hit in.  He came for me, but I felt myself squeeze in pain as the Triad teleported away.  I opened my eyes to find myself behind N, flying at top speed.

"N, LOOK OUT!"  I screamed.  N immediately flew down, and flipped around.  He took the Shadow Triad by surprise, and hit one of them in the back, sending me falling through the air again.  I screamed, and then landed on something dark.  I looked and I was on the back of Zekrom, N holding me in an awkward halfway-princess-style way.  
"Hold on, this may feel strange," he told me.  I felt the squeezing sensation again, as he teleported in front of the other two of the Triad.  I looked up at him, astonished.

"How did you do that," I said dumbly.  He didn't look at me as he spoke, keeping his gaze upon the shadows in front of me.  
"Well, let's just say these guys taught me a few tricks," he said.  They laughed as N looked at them with gleaming fury.  The Shadows just chuckled.
"Ha, I remember when you wanted to be one of us… I guess you were a little far off the track.  It's too bad, you showed potential," one of the triad said, still laughing.

  "What do you want with us," he asked, still fuming.
"Us?  Well, we were only ordered to retrieve the girl, not you," one of the triad said, "so hand her over, and you won't get hurt."  N held me closer to him, and I felt him tense up.

"You'd have to kill me first," he spat at them.  Oh, how I wish he hadn't said that.  This was going to be a long night, for sure.  Then, a glimmer of hope shined behind the shadow triad.  Reshiram was still out of it's pokeball, and flew silently behind them, sneaking up on them.  I had a plan.

"N," I said calmly, "it's alright," I looked to the Triad, "If I go with you, will you promise not to hurt him?"  I pointed to N.  He looked at me astonished, pleading me not to go.

"White, what are you doing?!"  I glanced at him and then to Reshiram quickly.  He got the message, which was, 'Play along.'  I held out my arms to the triad, and they moved forward to take my arms again.  In the nick of time I screamed, "FUSION FLARE!"  A massive flame engulfed the triad.  They screamed as they fell to the ground.  I didn't know if they were dead or not, but they weren't our problem.  

N began to land and I put Reshiram back in his ball.  N's face was unreadable.  When we got to the ground, he helped me off, and calmly put Zekrom in its pokeball.  He stood there for a moment, perfectly still with his back to me.  I began to walk towards him slowly, worried.

"Why did you do that," he asked, still in a strange monotone-like voice.  I stopped in my tracks, looking at him intently.  

"What are you talking about," I asked, beginning to tread towards him again.  I held my arm out to him, reaching for his shoulder.  He turned around, taking my hand and pulling me forward closer to him.  I finally found his emotion in his gleaming, moonlit eyes. Terror.

"You attacked them…  Do you realize how idiotic that was," he scolded quietly, cupping my face so that I couldn't look away from him.  My azure eyes met his, dancing in the moonlight slipping through the trees.  

"I… I do," I replied, "but they were going to kill us either way… and I couldn't lose you," I continued, starting to feel tears form in my eyes before I pulled them back, "not again."  I heard him huff in annoyance.

"I'm not going anywhere," he told me, completely sure, "and besides, they weren't after me, they were after you."  He held me close, placing his head on mine.  "I'm not sure what I would have done, had they captured you," he continued, beginning to stroke my hair.  I felt my face get warm and breath get faster.  "White, I'm so confused, and I can't explain it; you make me feel strange… Yet, happy," He looked at me in the eyes, placing his hand gently on my neck.  "You are very… precious to me."  That's it.  I knew my face was completely past red.  

"White, promise me you'll never put your life in danger for me again," he asked, his eyes dancing in the moonlight, yet sad.  

"N, I can't promise something like that," I replied, placing my hand on his cheek.  What if he were in trouble?  I couldn't just sit back and watch.
"Promise me," he whispered, brushing bit of my hair out of my face, "Please…"  I nodded.  I couldn't say no.

"I promise…" I replied.   He smiled at me for the first time in a while.  He came closer to my face, and our noses touched.  

"Thank you…" N leaned in even closer to me, his eyes meeting mine in total harmony.  "White… I…"  I saw his face become beat red and he became flustered, as, for half a moment, his lips pressed against mine.  Almost as fast as he kissed me he pulled away, his eyes wide.  

"White… I'm so sorry, I… I just," he began.  I just shook my head and walked back up to him and wrapped my arms around his neck. I leaned into his face.

"Never apologize for kissing me again." I stated, kissing him back.  And this time, I made sure it lasted.  I intertwined my fingers in his hair as he held me intently; one arm wrapping around my shoulders, the other in the small of my back.  Our mouths didn't open; nothing sensual, yet it was completely satisfying.  It was the sweetest thing I had ever experienced.   All I can say is that it was perfect, like melody and harmony.  As we pulled away from each other, we both just started laughing.  Not sure why.  "We have terrible timing, don't we?" I chuckled.  He nodded, letting me go.
I didn't want him to, but we needed to move on.  My mom was still captured by Ghetsis, and we had limited time.  We let out our dragons and mounted them.  We were already close to Dragonspiral Tower.  In a matter of minutes we saw the dawn shining over the horizon near the great pillar.  We landed on top to find my mother comforting Bianca.  I quickly dismounted Reshiram and ran to them.

"What's going on?  What happened?" I started, running to where they were.  My mother looked at me, saddened, and Bianca was crying into her shoulder.  

"Sweetheart, you're safe," she said, embracing me from the side.

"Mom, you're alive, I was so worried," I said holding her as well, "Did they hurt you, are you alright?"

"Don't you worry about me," she said with her usual smile, "This old lady has still got some fight in her."  I laughed, pure happiness entered my heart to see her safe and sound.  

My attention then went to Bianca, who looked up at me.  She looked distraught, and the gun from before sat beside her.  "Bianca…" I whispered, placing my hand on her shoulder.  "What happened?"  Bianca looked down and shook her head desperately, tears falling from her eyes.  

"He…" she began, "he was… right in front of me.  I had him… I had beaten him.  And I…" she began sobbing at this point, "I couldn't do it… I… wouldn't do it… I was so close… and he got away."  I began to pat her back, having her cry into my shoulder.  
"I knew you wouldn't," I said, hugging her comfortingly, "I'd be surprised if you did," I chuckled. She looked up at me.

"But… he killed him.  Cheren's gone because of him… and I couldn't even avenge his death properly," she sobbed, "I… can't do anything right."

"Bianca," I said, "Bianca, look at me." She looked at me, her green eyes glazed with tears and her nose beat red.  "You are always the one to make everyone happy when their down and you always seem to have a smile on your face.  I don't think you could kill a living soul, and I don't think Cheren would like it if you changed.  Don't ruin his memory like that."

"Your right," she replied, hugging me, "Thank you," She seemed more relieved… more like her old self that always made everyone smile.  This was the Bianca that loved everyone, and found a place in her heart for every living soul.  It made me glad to see a glimmer of her old self.

As I looked out over her shoulder, I saw something sparkle on one of the pillars. "What's…" I mumbled, getting up and running over to the object.  It was a blue flute with a red mouthpiece.  N walked up to me, his eyes wide.

"I saw this in that book with the legendaries," he said as I handed him the flute.  He looked at it closely.  "This must have been what Ghetsis was after.  White, do you know what this is?" he asked as looked at me, his eyes pleading and forlorn.  I shook my head, confused and anxious.  "This," he held the flute to me, "is the Azure Flute.  White… Ghetsis is summoning Arceus."
Well, i'm not proud of this... I'm terrible at action scenes, and i got a little nervous at the.... scene... yeah.... that scene. This may be edited quite a bit, and if it is, i'll tell you. Sorry it took so long to get this out, i've been REALLY busy. >< :work: Anyways, tell me what you think! Cliffhanger.. DUN DUN DUN!!!
Prologue- [link]
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Chapter 5- [link]

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