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April 2, 2011
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I flew through the sky silently, and angry.  Ghetsis wanted to talk to me, huh?  Well, I was going to "talk" to him alright.  I was going need to have someone looking after me, otherwise I might get carried away.  It was a good thing there weren't many people up there, because they wouldn't be up in the air for long.

After about an hour of travel, Oplucid City came into view, the lights making the night glow blue.  I patted Reshiram's neck gently.  "Alright buddy, we're here," Reshiram roared in response, swiftly flying downwards towards the city.  I had to land right outside of town, because of Reshiram's incredible size.  I patted him on the neck to thank him, then returned him to his pokeball.  Right, now to get down to business.  Ghetsis wanted to talk to me?  This was going to be fun.

I walked briskly towards the city, taking out my map.  I conveniently found the prison.  It was large, outlined in blue neon (like everything else) and completely eerie.  As I walked inside, I could hear the maniacal screams and laughs of the abandoned and deranged.  This was no joke.  Oplucid City jail was where the worst went… the criminally insane.  I smiled. This fit Ghetsis perfectly.

The offices were small and confined, to make more room for inmates.  I quickly found Looker as he was in the corner, munching on a donut.  I didn't much believe in clichés, but that was just too much of a coincidence.  He looked my way and quickly placed the pastry in the garbage.  He walked over to me speedily, clearing his throat before speaking.

"Okay, let's go," he said motioning me to follow him.  The hallway was long and eerie.  I had a desperate feeling to leave, but I wanted to see Ghetsis' ugly face being tortured in prison.  I had absolutely no idea what on earth he wanted to talk about, but I knew one thing.  I would be doing most of the talking.

We stopped at the end of the hall.  There was a small door with no windows.  This was no cell.  This was solitary confinement.  I thought of something no less for that evil man.  Looker fiddled with the keys before finding the correct one, sliding in one at a time before finding the one that clicked.  The door opened with a small creak.  I saw the deranged  man before me and gasped.
His red eyes strewn at me with intended revenge.  He began to smile at me and stood up to meet my glaring gaze.  "Hello, White," he chimed.  I shuttered at the sound of him saying my name.
"Why did you ask me to come here, you crazy, old lunatic," I asked, every single one of my words dripped with venom.
"Tsk tsk, White, where are your manners," he chuckled menacingly.  I gritted my teeth.  He was getting on my last nerve, and I hadn't even been here thirty seconds.  "In fact, I can see why my son was so intrigued with you."  He gave me a once over, and I nearly vomited. My mind for half a moment asked itself, 'he's… intrigued with me?'  I shook it off and, instead, ran up to him, intentions on punching him.  There was only one problem with that.  My hand went right through him.  

"HA HA HA HA!!!" He exclaimed, grabbing his stomach.   I thought he was going to fall over.  "Y-You see," he continued laughing, "I have already escaped," He pointed to the ceiling.   There was a small device on the roof of the room.
"A hologram," I said to myself, looking back to him.  My glare stared into the ghost-like Ghetsis as I wanted to leave right then to go find him, so that I could blow his brains out.  But, I had a few questions for him first.  "What are you planning, you deranged coot?"

He laughed diabolically at my expression, walking up to me, almost in my ear.  I wanted to push him away, but the image simply stayed near.  "You see, White. Things aren't always as they seem.  The sky isn't so blue and nothing is ever really that green.  Something right before you, could be further away than you think.  And who you think is your hero, could be the missing link.  The world is never really safe, so what will you do?  You see, dearest White, sometimes revenge is sweeter when it involves two."  'What' I thought to myself.  What on earth was he talking about.

"You had better tell me what that means," I said through my gritting teeth.  The hologram turned off while laughing in my ear.  I knew two things.  Number one, I was going to have nightmares tonight.  Second, Ghetsis was planning something.  Something bad.  And I had to get in touch with everyone.  Looker started to panic with his walkie, speaking codes in repeatedly.  He then turned to me.

"White, you are in danger.  We have to get you to safety." He told me, holding out his hand.  I shook my head, walking out of the room and down the hallway.  Looker followed me, obviously aspirated with my speed.

"I got everyone into this mess, and I'm getting everyone out."  I stopped in front of the offices, and started rummaging through their files.  Looker looked at me, dumbfounded and annoyed.  Finally, I found what I was looking for.  "Did Ghetsis ever see any of these files?"

"Of course not, and you're going to either," he said, taking the file, then smiling.  "Smart girl," he replied.  I nodded.

"Ghetsis was using a riddle, very close to the style of this killer," I pointed to the file in Looker's hands.  "He left a riddle every time, right before he killed someone.  If the police didn't figure it out in time, the killer killed them, correct?"  Looker nodded and shuddered.
"Yeah, I worked the case.  Many people died due to a fire," he looked to the ground, "I… didn't get there in time."  I patted his shoulder sympathetically.   He breathed in deeply, and then looked at me.  "So what do you think he's going to do?"

"I'm not sure.  But obliviously he's going do, whatever it is, soon," I replied.  "So now we figure out that riddle."  I thought for a moment.  What did he say?  Something right before you could be further than you think.  Ok, so obviously I was missing something, something obvious.  Things aren't always what they seem…  'Think, White,' I thought to myself.  Suddenly I remembered yester day.  N's words echoed in my mind.

'There are rumors of Team Plasma in Hoenn, I have to check it out for myself.'  I remembered.  If Ghetsis is leader of Plasma, then N was leading into…  The rest of Ghetsis' riddle repeated in my mind.  Who you think is your hero, could be the missing link.  You see, dearest White, sometimes revenge is even sweeter with two.  "Oh no…" I said under my breath.  
"What is it, White," Looker asked worriedly.  It was then that I heard the news on in the lobby.

"And now a report from Hoenn," the reporter said.  I ran to the lobby and basically pressed my face to the screen.  Looker followed me and stood behind me, wondering what I was up to.  "Thank you, Alex.  Earlier today a citizen reported and recorded the legendary dragon Zekrom flying in Hoenn.  This being a rare sight, an even more rare sight was caught on camera.  Let's watch."

There was a terribly recorded video on the screen.  Zekrom was flying through a storm, being chased by what seemed to be three dark, floating masses.  The person recording was making astonished sounds and profanities.  I stared at the screen, scared to death of what I was going to see.  'My dream.. it can't be true…' I thought.  Suddenly there was a sounding gunfire, and a small figure fell off Zekrom, falling into the forest below.  The screen went back to the reporter.

"The police looked for the body of the boy who fell off the Zekrom, however, nothing was found."  The picture changed to a porky policeman pointing to the air.  "No one, and I mean no one, could have survived that fall.  We are presuming the boy who fell off to be dead."
Ok, so here's the Third chapter. This one isn't fluffy at all, but before you all give me mean looks, i say to you... just keep reading.. PLEASE. This is where this fic starts getting very mysterious and very tragic. Tell me what you think, i always want to know!
Thanks to crossmyheart1207 for helping me with the riddle... i'm terrible with them. Hope you like it!! ^^

Prologue- [link]
Chapter 1 - [link]
Chapter 2- [link]
Chapter 3- [link]
Chapter 4- [link]
Chapter 5- [link]
Chapter 6- [link]

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