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March 28, 2011
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I woke up with a start.  My mother was in my room with a cup of milk in her hands.  My mother knew me so well.  She sat down at the side of my bed and handed me the cup.
"Was it the dream again," she asked with concern.  I nodded and proceeded to sip from the mug.  She sighed and began stroking my hair as I laid back down.
"Where is he?  I'm getting worried," I replied.  I had never told her the entire dream.  I never told her who it was about; just about someone I knew who left.  The dream scared me; I only hoped it wasn't true.  My mom gave me a joking smile
"Ah, so it's a 'he,' eh," she played, "Who is he?  Is my little White in love?"  I blushed outrageously, an infuriating look appearing on my face. "MOM," I exclaimed. I stopped for a moment and stared deeply into my cup.  "In fact, I think I should hate him… But, I can't," I replied.  I thought I was going to cry, but I held them back.  The thought of him made me distraught.
"Sweetheart, I don't think you could hate anything, even if you tried." A frightened look came about her face as she felt my forehead. "Well, no wonder you're having nightmares, you're boiling."  She began to quickly feel the rest of my face in alarm.
"Mom, I'm fine," I huffed.  The moment she looked me in the eye, she read me like a book.
"No, you're not. You just don't want to miss that tournament tomorrow," she slyly replied.  I groaned and put my throw pillow over my face.  I knew she was right, but I couldn't just quit… it was the next level in my way to becoming a master.  And now, I'm going to have to miss it because of a stupid fever.  You see, this was one of the only ways to keep myself from going to the Oplucid city jail and punching Ghestis senseless.  All the commotion woke my Samorott, who was almost too large for my room.  He ran around in a circle, thinking it must have been time to go.  He waddled over to me, and I patted him on the nose.  
"Sorry, Bud.  Looks like we're home bound tomorrow," I said solemnly.  He placed his head on my lap, almost slapping me with that huge horn of his.  He made a very disappointed sound and looked at my mother.  She looked at him for a moment.  I tried to suppress my laughter; he had always had a way with the puppy dog face.  Goodness, it even worked on me sometimes.  I knew I was home free when she made the, I'm-going-to-regret-it-but-ok face.
"Alright fine," she retorted with regret.  Well, I thought I was home free until everyone's least favorite word exited her lips.  "But," she said with a smile, "Cheren is going with you."  I groaned even louder into the pillow.  Cheren was my best friend, yes, but he critiqued my battle style every time there was a battle involved.  I had beaten him every time he asked, and he was still annoying to battle with.  I suppose it could have been worse.  I guess the real reason was the fact that I just didn't like to be babysat.  My mother crossed her arms.
"Either that or no tournament at all," she chimed.  I hesitated before replying back. "All right, f-fine," I grunted.  She smiled and kissed my forehead.  Before I knew it I was given Tylenol, an ice pack and put back to sleep.
Cheren was waiting for me at the front door.  I felt my head spin as I came down the stairs.  My fever had gone down, But my headache was just worse.  My mother was having an in depth conversation about spoons with Cheren (don't ask).
Mom saw me come downstairs, and immediately held up a winter coat.  I hung my head low and grunted.  "Mom, it's spring," I whined.  She gave me the "I don't care" look and I walked over to her.  She put the coat around me.  To be quite honest, I was thankful, I was really quite cold; but would I ever admit it?  Absolutely not.    
"Hello Cheren," I said with a sleepy smile.  Cheren nodded in my direction.  My mother gave me one last look over.
"Well, you'll do, I suppose," my mom was a bit of a fashionista, so I knew she was being tolerable at best.  She handed Cheren my bag, and I face palmed.
"Mom, I have a slight fever, I can handle holding onto my own bag," I retorted holding out my hand.  Cheren raised his shoulders and handed me the bag.
"It's kinda heavy," he warned.  I took the bag, and it fell strait to the floor.  "WOAH," I exclaimed.
"Sweet zombie blisseys, mom what the crap did you put in here?  Bricks?" I inquired sarcastically.  She shook her head and took the bag from me and handed it back to Cheren.
"I put some cold medicine, an icepack, a few more full restores, some aspirin, your pokeballs, your Xtransiver, and some other things just in case," she listed.  I looked at the clock and gasped.  It was 7: 50 and registration was at 8:00.  
"Mom, we really need to go," I said desperately.  She sighed and nodded.  She moved closer to me and gave me a great big hug.         
"Be safe," she whispered.  I sighed and couldn't help but smile.  I returned her embrace and ran out the door, Cheren trailing closely behind.  "LOVE YOU," I called back.  I released my Reshiram and mounted him.  He towered over Cheren's unfeasent, and Cheren looked back at me, longing eyes followed.  I groaned in irritation.
"Climb on, Cheren," I whined.  He smiled, returned his unfeasent, and climbed aboard.  He had never been on Reshiram, so he must have thought this was the perfect time.  He sat behind me, holding up his hands in hesitation.  Impatience filled me and I placed his hands on my waist.  I don't think I had ever seen him so red before; it made me laugh.  He turned his head away from mine, embarrassed. "J-just go."  I rolled my eyes and turned around.  Cheren wasn't one for physical contact, and I supposed this was a little too close for comfort, but we couldn't have him falling off, now could we?  
"Reshiram, Fly!"
The Pokémon stadium was huge, and we made it just in time for registration.  I pulled Reshiram into his ball, and walked inside to find a short line.  I was utterly confused.  I walked up to a worker, who was smiling and giving out programs.  
"Hello and welcome to the Unova Championship tournament, how can I help you," the girl asked sweetly.
"Could you please tell me when registration is," I asked, looking at the schedule on my Xtranseiver.
"Yes, I can.  Registration is at 9:30," she replied with a smile.  Once again, I face palmed.  So there I was for an hour and a half waiting in line, with nothing to do but talk and play rock-paper-sissors with Cheren.  He won more often than not.  When the line actually started to move, I began to fill out papers about my team, how to be announced, how many gym badges I had, est.  And, but of course, what was even better was I was the first one to battle in the tourney.  I made my way to the arena, and was surprised to find it filled to the brim with people.  I smiled, awestruck at the immensity of it all.  But sightseeing would have to wait, because as far as I knew, I could be fighting the champion.
My first opponent went down easily, as well as the first six.  Apparently, they had gotten the badges they had out of brute strength, and not well planned out teams.  One person had all flying types, which my Zebstrika took down easily with thunderbolt.  I gave her a pat on the nose and an oran berry.
"Great job, Zebz," I chimed, nuzzling her snout with her nose.  I stopped for a moment and remembered something.  I remembered him.  I felt my eyes begin to tear up, but I steadily shook it off.  I placed her back in the pokeball and strapped her to my belt.  I looked at my tourney sheet and gasped.  I had made it all the way to the semi-finals.  I gingerly wrote my name on the tourney and walked out of the arena.  I felt the room spin for a moment as I walked out, but I quickly put it out of my mind, preparing mentally for my next test.  
Cheren gave me a high five. "Yeah, good going!"  I was completely and utterly dumbfounded.
"Cheren, we've been here all day, and you know you haven't critiqued me once," I stated.  Cheren looked down, and I could tell he was trying to find an excuse.
"Your mom told me that it annoyed you," he replied, looking up and pushing his glasses up to their proper place.  "I thought it might be distracting."  I knew he was lying, but I left it alone.  After all, he was telling the truth from my point of view, anyways.  But apparently, he wanted to fess up after all. "Actually, White, I didn't want to be annoyed with me."
"Why," I asked with a chuckle, "It never bothered you before."  He turned around and took a large breath.  He turned back to me, about to speak, but the intercom beat him to it.
"Could the first round of semi- finalists please meet in the arena, Thank you."  Cheren breathed out quietly, and looked down to his feet before smiling at me.
"That's you, go," he said, practically pushing me into the archway to the arena.  I looked around and waved to all the fans, steadily making my way to the announcer in the middle.  Just when I thought I was feeling my best, a sharp chill made its way through my body.  I walked on, my arms shaking.  When I made my way to the middle of the floor, the announcer patted my shoulder.
"You ok, kid?" he asked.  I nodded.  He nodded back to me as just stare at my feet.  "LADIES AND GENTILEMAN!  ARE YOU READY FOR THE SEMI-FINALS?" He screamed into the microphone.  "THIS BATTLE OF EPIC PREPORTIONS IS THESE TRAINERS' NEXT STEP TO THEIR DREAM!  IN THE RED CORNER, THE GIRL WHO LITTERALY WIPED OUT THE COMPETITION, WHITE!" The crowd screamed as I waved my hand and smiled to the crowd, still not looking to see who my opponent was.  
When I finally did turn around I couldn't believe my eyes.  My heart thumped, my soul soared, and my fever rose.  My feelings all burst out of my chest as I saw the young man in front of me.  My mind was running a mile a minute as to what to do. "AND IN THE BLUE CORNER, THE BOY WHO HAS A CAUSE, N HARMONIA."  
Apparently my fever rose too high, and I felt feint.  I stumbled right into N's chest.  He simply smiled as I looked into his eyes.  They were just as beautiful as before; the same passion there.  
"Hello, White," he whispered into my ear.  But all the happiness faded away as he felt my face.  He became frantic, and I had to admit, so did I.  My vision became blurry, and my breath became abrupt. I heard his voice saying something to the announcer before I went into darkness.
Well, you asked and here it is. I worked hard on this and it's REALLY long, but it still is on a cliffhanger. (gomenasai). Hope you like it! Please comment, i want hear what you have to say about it.

Prologue is here ^^ --->
Chapter 2- [link]
Chapter 3-
Chapter 4- [link]
Chapter 5-[link]
Chapter 6-

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